REMIX Your Finances

The Women’s Finance Institute will take you on a transformative journey towards financial empowerment
designed exclusively for women! In a world where financial independence is both a goal and a necessity,
we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities that women face on their financial paths. Our
program is not just about numbers; it’s about empowerment, breaking barriers, and fostering a
community of financially savvy women. Whether you’re just starting your career, navigating a career shift,
or approaching retirement, our program is tailored to meet you where you are. Join us as we embark on a
holistic exploration of financial literacy, investment strategies, and the psychology behind money


R – Retirement
1. Curious about how to make your retirement savings last a lifetime?
2. Want to explore exciting opportunities in your retirement years?
3. Looking for expert advice on planning a fulfilling retirement?
4. Ready to unlock the secrets to a stress-free retirement?”
5. Eager to learn about financial strategies for a comfortable retirement?
6. Want to network with fellow retirees and share experiences?
7. Seeking guidance on health and wellness in retirement?

E – Estate Planning
1. Is your legacy secure? Want to learn how to protect your assets.
2. Worried about what happens to your estate? Discover strategies for effective estate planning.
3. Want to ensure your loved ones are taken care of?
4. Need more clarity about wills, trusts, and probate?
5. Curious about minimizing estate taxes?
6. Want to learn how to craft a comprehensive estate plan.
7. Interested in preserving your wealth for generations?
8. Considering charitable giving in your estate plan? Join us for insights and advice.

M – Money Mindset
1. Ready to transform your relationship with money and cultivate a healthier money mindset.
2. Curious about how your beliefs about money shape your financial reality?
3. Struggling to break free from limiting money beliefs?
4. Are your money beliefs holding you back?
5. Interested in understanding the psychology behind your money decisions?
6. Striving for a Mindset that Attracts Wealth

I – Insurance
1. Are your loved ones financially protected if something happens to you?
2. Curious about how life insurance can secure your family’s future?
3. Concerned about leaving financial burdens behind? Learn how life insurance can offer peace of mind.
4. Wondering how life insurance fits into your financial plan?
5. Curious about the tax advantages that Life insurance offers?
6. Looking for ways to protect your legacy? Discover the benefits of life insurance.
7. Worried about rising healthcare costs? Discover how life insurance can help.
8. Curious about how life insurance can supplement your Retirement?

X = Xtra Revenue

1. Interested in a dynamic career in Finances or Real Estate?
2. How Many streams of Income do most Millionaires have?
3. Looking for a career that makes an impact?
4. Want to know which industry creates the most Millionaires?